Photo report: Art Exhibition in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Daria Gettueva, Graduate of the American University of Central Asia.

A week long exhibition of Kyrgyz artists and sculptors opened on October 23 2014. Several artists presented their works of various styles, including cubism, DADAism, impressionism and others. The works of Moldahmatov Zh., Beishenov A., Zholchuev D., Baiterekov A.,

The first thing one noticed when entering the room was the smell of alcohol. The artists and their friends were celebrating the opening day with champagne and some other, stronger drinks. The other thing that was noticeable about the people, especially the younger generation, is the intensive use of phones rather than the actual contemplation of the artworks. The room was full of people making selfies and sending texts. The experience was still worth having. The exhibition represented a perfect reflection of the current form of art in Kyrgyzstan, mixed and chaotic, it still has its charms and surprises, though only for those who are ready to discover.

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