Turkmenistan: NATO Spokesman Did Not Confirm the Information That Ashgabat Requested Assistance To Protect Its Boundary With Afghanistan From The Alliance And The USA

In regards of the increasing discussions over the withdrawal of the Alliance Forces from Afghanistan, a number of debates took place on how this will affect the situation in Turkmenistan. The PULS of Central Asia provides a commentary on specific issue adopted from the http://interfax.az/view/641723

NATO Liaison officer in Central Asia Alexander Vinnikov announced that the information about Turkmenistan’s request to the alliance for assistance to protect its border with Afghanistan was not confirmed.do not confirm the informat

He reminded that NATO launched the “Enduring Partnership” program in Afghanistan, which is meant for improvement of defense and law enforcement agency potentials of the country. “I assure you that the Afghan military have substantially increased their potentials for the 12 years, when we started to form the army in Afghanistan” he added.

NATO welcomes the creation of coalition government in Afghanistan. I would also like to stress that the issue of the national reconciliation in this country should find political solution, it is impossible to resolve it militarily.

According to him the alliance is ready to welcome the participation of the Taliban in the negotiation process, those who are ready and willing to lay down the arms and settle the matters of the country’s future development at the negotiating table.

“Regarding the revival and return of the Taliban, I can tell that they will not come back and they will not win” emphasized the alliance spokesman.