Turar Kazangapov: Kazakhstan full of energy

Turar Kazangapov. Photojournalist of Tengri News. Kazakhstan.

This is a story of Toymurat Yeshimov, Paralympic champion of Kazakhstan in table tennis. Despite the problems with the leg does, Yeshimov does not give up and doesn’t let his spirit fall. He is full of energy and always cheerful. Positive music that Yeshimov was fond of when he was younger accompanies his training sessions. Toymurat says that he can play tennis with villagers at any time of the day or night.

From the history of how Yeshimov joined the Paralympic team: the coach called and said that Toymurat would go to the championship. In turn, Yeshimov said that he could not play in the national team of Kazakhstan, and that he did not believe in his own strength. During the championship, he won each time all his rivals, and when he was told that he was the champion, he realized that the coaches did not say him during the game that he went to the finals and became the champion. Then he burst into tears of happiness.

This photos communicate the energy of Toymurat Yeshimov his enthusiasm and strength, the power of the will and the power of overcoming any burden.

This project is produced as part of the NOOR Nikon MediaNet masterclass in documentary photography. Almaty, Kazakhstan, 2016.