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issue 12_FP

Issue No. 12 January 2016_Foreign Policy of Central Asian States





issue 11_education


Issue No. 11 December 2015_Education in Central Asia





issue 10_religion


Issue No. 10: October 2015_Religion and Security in Central Asia





issue 9_online use


Issue No. 9: May 2015_ The Use of Online Space in Central Asia





issue 8_soc_dev


Issue No. 8 April 2015_Social Development and Transformations in Central Asia




To view March 2015 issue on security in Central Asia, please, click on or go to the “Issue No.7: March 2015” category under archives. You may also find the list of articles below.

1. Special this month: Dangerous Preaching: The Role of Religious Leaders in the Rise of Radical Islam in Central Asia. By Nurbek Bekmurzaev.

2. Turkmenistan: Positive About Being Positively Neutral. By Svetlana Dzardanova.

3. Tajikistan: On/off, on/off: Tajikistan Suppresses Social Media. By Abdulfattoh Shafiev.

4. Uzbekistan: Is Food Secured? By Dilfuza Kurolova.

5. Kyrgyzstan: The Migration of Women from Post-Soviet Kyrgyzstan to Russia: Effects on the Family. By Altynai Myrzabekova.

6. Kazakhstan: To be released.

To view February 2015 issue on economics and development in Central Asia, please, click on or go to the “Issue No.6: February 2015” category under archives.

  1. Tajikistan: Accession to the Eurasian Customs Union: Pros and Cons by Sino Ruziev.
  2. Turkmenistan: Economic implications of the Eurasian Economic Union formation for Turkmenistan by N.M.
  3. Kazakhstan: Sanctions Against Russia: Repercussions on Kazakhstan and Eurasian Economic Union’s viability by Sergey Marinin.

4. Uzbekistan: The impact of remittances and migration on the labor supply decisions in rural households of Uzbekistan by Bakhrom Radjabov.

To view January 2015 issue on the lives of women and the struggles for gender equality in Central Asia, please, click on or go to the “Issue No.5: January 2015” category under archives.

  1. Kyrgyzstan: Understanding Islamization and veiling in Post-Soviet Kyrgyzstan by Asel Myrzabekova.
  2. Kazakhstan: Empowering Girls by Arailym Ashirbekova.
  3. Tajikistan: Gender and Security by Dilnoza Rakhmatboeva.
  4. Uzbekistan: Female Dilemma: Political Career vs. Family Harmony by Dilfuza Kurolova.
  5. Turkmenistan: Women’s Role in Turkmen Society and Its Traditional Mindset by Ayna Bayramova and Mengli Mamedova.
  6. Special of the month: Gender and Development: Men are Important by Valeriya Melnichuk.

To view December issue on art in Central Asia, please, click on  or go to the “Issue No.4: December 2014” category under archives.

  1. Uzbekistan: Independent Uzbek Cinema and Postcolonialism by Alexey Ulko.
  2. Turkmenistan: Carpets: Art and Symbolism by Ayna Bayramova.
  3. Kazakhstan: How to Pop Out on the Kazakh Pop Stage interview of Aray Ashyrbekova.
  4. Tajikistan: Schubert or Shashmaqom? Reconsideration of “Classical Music” in Tajikistan by Madina Muratova.
  5. Tajikistan: Categories of Harmony and Sublime in Tajik Fairy Tales by Shoesteh Ravshanova-Mavaddat.
  6. Photo report: Art Exhibition in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan by Daria Gettueva.
  7. Special of the month: Theatre in Central Asia: Development, Tradition and Theatrical Culture by Saniya Kabdieva.

To view November issue on the life in Central Asian states in the 1990s, please, click on or go to the “Issue No. 3: November 2014” category under archives.

  1. Tajikistan: Nation Building in Tajikistan in the 1990s: Why Tajik Government Has Decided to Embrace the Samanids as the Symbolic Embodiment of the Tajik Nation? by Dilnoza Rakhmatboeva.
  2. Turkmenistan: The Transformation. Rejep Japbarov.
  3. Uzbekistan: Islam vs. Islam: Karimov’s Religious Policy in the Early 1990s. Nurbek Bekmurzaev.
  4. Kazakhstan: Managing the Opposition. Lessons from Nursultan Nazarbaev. N.M.
  5. Kyrgyzstan. Coming soon.

To view October issue please click on or go to the “Issue No. 2: October 2014” category under archives.

  1. Kyrgyzstan: Obligations under International Humanitarian Law and National Sovereignty. By  an AUCA Graduate.
  2. Tajikistan: Pamiri People: The Importance of Religious and Cultural Belongings of Ethnic Minority as the Main Distinction from the Tajik Majority. By a contributor from Tajikistan.
  3. Kazakhstan: Not Everyone Is Happy about the Eurasian Economic Union. By Valeriya Melnichuk.
  4. Uzbekistan: Open Society: Historical Development of Religious Minorities in Modern Uzbekistan. By Farukh Tilyaev.
  5. Turkmenistan: The Legends of Turkmenistan: Nohur. By Mengli Mamedova.
  6. This Month’s Special: ISIS and Central Asia: Potential Risks and Responses. By A.I.

To view September issue please click on or go to the “Issue No. 1: September 2014” category under archives.

“Issue No. 1: September 2014”

  1. Kazakhstan: Public Opinion And Russia’s Propaganda In Kazakhstan. By Valeriya Melnichuk
  2. Kyrgyzstan: Four Years Past. Evaluation Of The Conflict Resolution. By Altynai Myrzabekova
  3. Tajikistan: Fighting For National Identity. Samarkand and Bukhara. By a contributor from Tajikistan
  4. Uzbekistan: The New Face Of Energy Poverty In Uzbekistan. By Artyom Tchen.