Work with PULS

The Editors of the PULS of Central Asia seek your partnership in the following ways:

  • Volunteer writers. If you would like to contribute or know someone who can potentially contribute to the PULS, we will be happy to communicate with you and discuss our further cooperation.

  • Volunteer country coordinators. If you are active in your community and know people with good writing or research skills, we would like to invite you to help us recruit writers and become our permanent point of contact in your home country.

  • Web design experts. If you are into web design and technology, we need your help developing our new website.

  • Photo journalists. If you are a person who makes good photos of Central Asia, we would like to share your photos as stories about the region. The PULS aims to diversify its publications and present visual representation of Central Asia.

  • Experts. The PULS starts a new section on its website: Interview with an expert. We will appreciate collaboration from the side of regional and foreign experts who would like talk to us on issues that most concern them.

  • Grant and other funding opportunities. The PULS is growing. We have a huge potential and plans for further development, and we need to attract more people, as well as turn our volunteer activities into jobs to keep the project running. The project is unique for Central Asia and for the West, and if you have an idea or would like to take an initiative to fundraise for us or donate, the PULS team will appreciate your time and effort.