Month: April 2020

How to finish your graduation thesis on time?

graduation thesis

After finishing taking all courses, now is the time for you to do the final project called a thesis. A thesis is the last task that you have to finish and it requires deep research. Yep, after completing your theoretical obligations, now is the time to test your ability to understand various materials through a study. As a student, you are also required to conduct research as a graduation requirement.

graduation thesis
graduation thesis

Many students claimed that this moment was the most difficult moment during their status as a student. There are also many who claim to fail to carry out a bachelor’s degree because they are unable to complete the thesis. But, actually, the thesis isn’t that difficult, at least not as hard as simulation from idnplay poker game. As long as you know the tips and tricks, the thesis can be finished as soon as possible. Then how do you do it?

graduation thesis
graduation thesis
  1. Create your own deadline with a warning that makes you feel disadvantaged if you delay working on your thesis.
  2. Try to choose a research theme that you really like and understand. Don’t choose a too high standard theme that only makes your thesis run successfully.
  3. Even though it is just an assumption, choose a lecturer who has a different gender from you because it can build good chemistry rather than choosing the same gender.
  4. Do the thesis in a conducive place. Choose a place that really makes you comfortable and can be highly concentrated.
  5. Treat supervisors like a crush. Find out what he likes, so that your script process is made easier. Bring some foods when you get a consultancy with your supervisor or give him or her a gift to make him or her happy.
  6. If your lecturer writes a book, don’t forget to use the book as a reference. If it does not match the theme of your research, just bring it to your supervisor or lecturer so that he or she knows that you read it.
  7. Always come to a graduation ceremony of your graduated friends so you will be quickly motivated. Or you can even come to your friends’ wedding party so you will be more enthusiastic to finish your studies.
  8. Reduce the hangout schedule, gig, or whatever it is so that you focus on your research only. Keep in mind that you have a big duty to finish the study and get a job.
  9. Make sure you are in a student environment that wants to graduate immediately. Stay away from friends who are lazy to do the task or research because it may affect you too.
  10. Don’t forget to ask your parents for prayer. Even though they are far from you, their prayers are still there. God will grant your wish through your parents’ praying anyway.
  11. Finally, you must also pray for god so that you will find the right path to finish the study. Always remember that the thesis can be finished because of your only effort, but also grace from the God Almighty.