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Some Researches That Are Considered Less Important in History

monkeys can write

Scientists are people whose profession deserves a thumbs up and we give more appreciation. They are the persons who do research, so we know the good and bad aspects that are important to life.

If there are no scientists, we will not be able to enjoy a variety of things ranging from gadgets for judi online that make it easier for us. Various conveniences such as traffic jams and weather forecasts from the application, to the nutritional content in our favorite foods.

But it is not always researched that we can consider important. Because scientists’ interests are always different, and those interests may not be as attractive to us. The following researches or studies are considered less important for us.

Research that examines the possibility of monkeys can write

Perhaps this is the less important research on the first list because the initial intention was wrong and completely invalid. This began with the theory of possibility that “a large group of monkeys. If given a lot of typewriters and a lot of time, they might be able to make works like Shakespeare.” this theory is called the Infinite Monkey Theorem. The problem is, it’s only a figure of speech.

monkeys can write
monkeys can write

This metaphor turned out to be taken literally by a group of scientists in England. And finally ended up doing research that gave 6 monkeys 6 typewriters, as reported by The Guardian page The results were quite clear, one typewriter was covered with their own faeces. One typewriter was damaged because the monkey leader immediately took a large stone to destroy it. In addition, they succeeded in making 5 pieces of writing, all of which are letters “S”.

Research that concluded that residents of San Francisco like to have sexual relations

Aiming to help those who are dissatisfied with their sexual lives. Researchers in the US was sponsored by a condom company to conduct a Sex Census. From this study, it was found that residents of San Francisco, California, are those who have the most sexual partners than any other city. On average, San Francisco people have been with 30 partners to have sex. Of course, this is information that we cannot directly apply in life. It is not appropriate research if it really wants to help those who are dissatisfied with their sexual lives.

Chickens prefer to more handsome humans

This study might help you if you want to interact with chickens. Chickens prefer to good-looking people. A group of scientists struggled to train chickens to react to human faces in order to know that chickens have a preference for the level of good looking face. In research uploaded to the CogPrints scientific journal collection website.

Chickens prefer to more handsome humans
Chickens prefer to more handsome humans

It is said that hens are trained to react to men’s faces, and roosters are trained to react to women’s faces. The pictures of the faces of the men and women are installed on the touch screen, and the chicken’s reaction is measured by how much the chicken pecks on the screen. The more handsome the face shows up, the more intense the chicken pecking the screen.

Shaken rope will be knotted by itself

This research proves that a rope would form a knot when we put it in a box and shook the box. In fact, it also explains why this happened, with complete graphs, diagrams, and pictures. There are even pros and cons of what is the right size for the box. The main problem is not a matter of interest in studying the knot, but apparently, there is no specific reason that requires researchers to do this.

Best Scientific Research in 2017

Scientific Research in 2017

Every year, the scientific world is always filled with spectacular research and discoveries. An annual event was known as the “Oscars of science” that was held in America in 2017. Awarded many international studies with various awards. Check these following best scientific research that was done in 2017.

1. Molecular mechanisms of planets that produce information through light and shadow

This research was conducted by Joanne Chory from the Salk Institute for Biological Studies and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. This discovery attracted the attention of experts all over the world because of its unique discussion at

Scientific Research
Scientific Research

2. Sophisticated mechanisms that mediate the duplication of harmful chromosome separations during cell division to prevent genetic diseases such as cancer

Many studies have been done in an effort to find a solution for cancer, but this research is considered the most recent. This research was conducted by Kazutoshi Mori from Kyoto University in Japan.

3. Detailed map of the universe formed in the early cosmic microwave background (CMB) radiation approach

The research was conducted by 27 scientists on the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) team. This amazing research can tell us the process of evolution of the universe.

4. Birational algebraic geometry

This research was conducted by two mathematicians. They are Christopher Hacon from the University of Utah and James McKernan from the University of California. This research is considered to be able to break the exact world of Mathematics.

Scientific Research
Scientific Research

5. The law of general relativity which is very easily understood through video

This research was conducted by an 18-year-old student named Hillary Diane Andales from the Philippines. He won the junior competition category by making his own video.

6. Perennial electrical energy from the Ambarella fruit tree

This shocking super innovation was discovered by an 11-year-old student from Indonesia, named Naufal Raziq. He discovered that the Ambarella fruit tree could be a source of eternal electrical energy as long as the tree was still alive. His research was recognized in Germany, Turkey and Brunei Darussalam. Even Naufal was immediately offered a school at one of the universities in Germany after graduating from high school

Scientific Research
Scientific Research

7. Safe sidewalk technology with an electromagnetic pulse (EMP)

EMP is a short burst of electromagnetic radiation. Utilizing this electronic “malfunction”, any motorbikes that run on the sidewalk will immediately stop working, so the sidewalk will be safe for pedestrians. The inventor of this technology was Ayubella Anggraini Leksono, a student of Senior High School 3 Bandung and Hanif Ahmadzakir from Senior High School 23 Bandung. They received the highest award on the eve of the National Young Inventors Award held by the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI).

8. Hoax Analyzer or hoax detection application in cyberspace

This discovery was the result of innovation from the Cimol Team, which consisted of 3 students from Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB). Their team won the 2017 Imagine Cup winners in the Southeast Asia region. They also managed to set aside 9 other participants in competitions held by Microsoft.

How important is a consultancy for research?

Consultancy for research

Thesis consultation is an important part of the thesis writing process, which is very helpful for students in solving obstacles encountered during the thesis process. Usually, students consult their theses with supervisors or lecturers who are experts in the field of study or the material discussed in the thesis. This consultation starts from the determination of the thesis topic until it is finished. Students are ready for the thesis examination or thesis trial.

Consultancy for research
Consultancy for research

In addition to the supervisor and other lecturers concerned, thesis consultation can also be carried out with thesis consultant services. Now there are a lot of thesis consultant services that provide attractive offers regarding thesis work. Actually, the existence of these thesis consultants is very useful for students who have difficulty in arranging consultations with their supervisors. For those who need additional time to consult. This is because often the supervising lecturer only has a very limited time for thesis consultation so that the results of the consultation are less than optimal.

Consultancy for research

When you consult with a supervisor, your lecturer has actually started giving an assessment of your thesis. Assessment of the thesis generally revolves around ideas, the process of preparation. The content and quality of the writing. And also how to present ideas and writing both in the seminar and the final examination of the thesis.

The stages in the thesis consultation that you must prepare before facing your supervisor include:

  1. You must have determined the title of your thesis in accordance with the idea that you will make the topic of poker online discussion in your thesis. Here you must have a picture of the overall idea of ​​the thesis. You are going to make so that you will easily convey your idea to the supervisor.
  2. It is highly recommended for students who will do a consultation to read a lot of references relating to the thesis to be made. This aims to build the arguments that underlie you in determining the title and discussion material for your thesis. In addition, the references you read will also affect the process of writing your thesis. Such as determining the theoretical framework, analysis, and discussion.
  3. It is very important before you consult to prepare a list of questions that you will ask your supervisor. In addition to saving time, this will also greatly help you solve the difficulties that you encounter in working on your thesis.
Consultancy for research
Consultancy for research

Thus, your thesis consultation will run smoothly and it is likely that your thesis will also be completed quickly. You must be really serious during the thesis process and don’t give up easily. Even though there are many challenges you have to face.

Anyway, research and consultancy are two things that cannot be separated from one another. Where there is a research, there must be a consultancy. But, consultancy is not only about research because you can also get consultancy for other issues. Consultancy basically means getting advice or idea in order to solve certain problems.