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Why is necessary to share your opinion?

Why is necessary to share your opinion?

As a person who is trying to please anyone and avoid disappointing people in any way, expressing your mind can be fearful. Mostly, people think that one’s mind is a challenge for others. You should know that it is safe to share that it is difficult to share your opinion without offending someone. You may think that this is not your place to have an opinion about specific issues. We are growing in a world where anyone claims that their opinions are facts, and anyone who disagrees is wrong. You should learn ways to share an opinion.

Why is necessary to share your opinion?
Why is necessary to share your opinion?

The beautiful thing about having an opinion and share it is an ability to learn and decide whether your opinion is still your opinion in the future. You are the last person who wants to share a controversial thing or discuss a hot topic, and you find someone shares an opinion that you do not agree with, you keep agreeing on something to avoid conflict. You should know that each opinion is necessary, whether it is popular or not.

Why is your opinion important?

One of the biggest reasons why people rarely share their opinions about controversial or heavy topics is that they feel afraid of being told that they are part of problems. This kind of dialogue will create a tense environment where it seems more people who decide that it is better to remain silent. However, you should know some reasons why your opinion is necessary.

People will think that it is also important to realize that not having an opinion is not bad. Since you have so many discussions lately about hot topics and often feel like you are in a war zone, you may feel that you are being judged for not have an opinion when anyone seems to get one. Sometimes when you do not have an opinion, you may feel unsure about what is right and wrong in that situation. It means that you still listen, take attention, and deciding how you feel after you listen to how anyone else feels.

Why is necessary to share your opinion?
Why is necessary to share your opinion?


you should know that having an opinion is a good thing since it may change. Life is about learning and changing, people can change their opinions anytime. Admitting that you are wrong is nothing to be ashamed of, and no matter how good you are to express your mind, this is inevitable. You should know that there are so many opinions out there, and you do not understand how they think and what they have been experienced as a human in this planet, but their opinions are still important and they have. It is their rights to share it.

In conclusion

sharing your opinion, or when you have it, it is necessary for the evolution and progression of a social movement in your environment. All voices are important when trying to find out the right path to love and acceptance.

Ways to Speak Your Mind

Ways to Speak Your Mind

So, you can imagine yourself in a room full of people where you need to attend a necessary discussion. Suddenly, there is someone who calls you and says, what is your opinion about this discussion or topic? People will be silent, and staring at you back, waiting to get your answers. You will feel nervous that make your tongue cannot speak. If this situation relates to you, then you may be unable to express yourself as your common fear. You are not alone here. This article will teach you how to address this fear properly with useful tips to share your opinions with common phrases that you can use. So, you can share an opinion properly.

Ways to Speak Your Mind
Ways to Speak Your Mind

So, what is an opinion?

You should know that an opinion is how to feel and think about a specific matter or issue. It usually comes from a personal view based on your experience. When you asked to express your opinion, then it should not be scary at all. Anytime you are talking, mostly you agree or disagree with someone, or tell them about what you are thinking about something. So, there are several things that you often say in your daily conversation, such as I like coffee more than tea, I do not like the latest Superman movie, how about you? And so on.

When you express your opinion, there are certain ways that you can do to make it sounds polite. It is necessary to know how to tell your mind clear in a more organized way, so no one misunderstands you as well.

Ways to Speak Your Mind
Ways to Speak Your Mind

Here tips to express your opinion properly

Before you learn about common phrases, some tips help you to express your opinion while improving your speaking skills as well.

–         You can make your diary to express your opinion or feeling. You can make some points to write in your diary book every day. You can write anything about what you will do that day, what you dislike or like, or using special directions to give you an idea.

–         You can watch some English movies and write about them. You can talk about what you do not love or love about that movie in your diary

–         You can exercise by listening to people’s opinions through some videos. The best way to master something is by observing how people do it. You can immerse yourself in English culture with news clips, songs, videos, and so on. Each video has natively spoken accompanied by texts. You can see whether this immersive method works for you.

–         Sometimes, you may need to fight for it, but your opinion is your right. No matter how many people tell you in different views, this is your right as a human to reach your conclusion about anything, including your favorite ice cream, international relations, and so on. Sometimes, share an opinion is how the conversation starts, change happens, and so on.

Tips to Help Getting Better Research for Students

Tips to Help Getting Better Research for Students

These tips have meant for students who already mastered the basic steps of research. Related to the writing process, the research skill is rarely thought clearly. Sometimes professors consider their students to know or can find out how to perform good research, at least giving their students to the librarian to check the resources and facilities. No surprise that there are so many college students who rely on Wikipedia as their first and last stop for their research journeys. So, you can follow these research tips for you.

Tips to Help Getting Better Research for Students
Tips to Help Getting Better Research for Students

Start to make a schedule

The first step before your research is to write your schedule. You can write a schedule with a series of milestones about what you should achieve with specific dates, and you should keep to it. You will need time to get an overview of what materials are out there, find out what you can find in libraries, choosing the right material, read it, and start to set it up.

You can get more bibliographies

After you find out a good essay or book about your topic, then you are in good luck. You will find a list of dozens of sources that you are looking for. You can skim them through the bibliography and write down anything that relevant to your research. Academic authors are not too creative playing with their titles, so it is quite easy to tell about their works from their titles. You have to check and see whether you recognize any author’s name.

Tips to Help Getting Better Research for Students
Tips to Help Getting Better Research for Students

You can deal with one piece at one time

So, you should not try to deal with all subjects at the time. You should get enough knowledge about your topic so you can outline what things you need to know, then deal with each peace on its own. So, you will find the correlation between these parts when you writing the first draft.

Using the right system

You can start your research with some ideas on how you plan to collect and arrange your data. For example, you can use a system by using a one-subject notebook. You can write down a complete bibliography for paper or book, then you can copy quotes and write some notes along with the page numbers as well. Any system that you decide, ensure that each fact, quote, and though related to the sources so that you can insert references easily while you are writing, so you can insert references easily.

Understanding your resources

So, you have to spend your time knowing the best resources, both offline and online that have been offered by your library. Keep in mind that most libraries offer tours to the student, or you can talk with the librarian as well. Most university libraries usually subscribe to academic databases that you can access online. Understanding the research material that you can access from home is a great way.  You can use human resources are available for you. So, you can ask for help and evaluating the sources. Following these research tips to get a successful result.

Ways to Make Your Unforgettable Photo Essay

Ways to Make Your Unforgettable Photo Essay

So, you do not need to be a documentary photographer to make a good and memorable photo essay. Your photo essay can show any topic, start from nature photography to wedding pictures. Many photographers also share their perspectives about what makes a good essay photo and their tips on how any photographer can get a start. There are several steps and tricks that you can follow to make a photo essay.

Ways to Make Your Unforgettable Photo Essay
Ways to Make Your Unforgettable Photo Essay

Decide a specific theme or topic for your photo essay

So, there are several types of photo essays, they are thematic and narrative. Thematic photos will speak about a specific subject, and narrative photos will be more focused on a story that you want to tell your viewers. The most natural method to pick a theme or topic for your essay photos is to follow what you know. Keep in mind that accessibility is the key here. A general concept to start is with an emotion or experience. So, planning your photo essay is quite simple as you choosing a subject that you are interested in.

Considering photo or image subjects

Keep in mind that your photo subjects, whether human or not, will feel your photo space and affect your ideas or moods that you want to describe. Your subject can decide whether your photo is impressive or not. Although your interest factors and subjects are subjective, when considering your subject or materials, then you need to talk to yourself. Keep in mind that your subject should represent your idea. You can make your subject feels comfortable and let it be.

Ways to Make Your Unforgettable Photo Essay
Ways to Make Your Unforgettable Photo Essay

You can aim for different images

It is all depending on your theme, there are several types of photos that you can use to anchor your essay paper. You can choose one or two main photos that can introduce your theme to viewers slowly. These photos will serve similarly to your introductory paragraph in your articles or essay. Then you can consider developing your narration further by introducing some elements, and pick the last photo carefully to give the feeling that you want to produce in your photos. Consider choosing your opening and closing photos as the most necessary element of your photos. You may want your first picture to leave a lasting impression, and offering you a conclusion for narration that you have developed. Do not forget to attach different types of photos, angles, perspectives, and so on.

You should set aside your emotions

Your doubt can come easily when you work on your photography. It can be hard to choose your strongest photos objectively when you make your photo essay. That’s why arranging your photo essay can be the best practice to develop your curatorial skills. The most important thing is to get second opinions. Sometimes, your perception can blur your ability to assess whether it can add to your essay. It is true when your essay project talks about a personal subject.

Latest Research and Publications in Relation to the Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus Pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic is still ongoing and many attempts are conducted to stop the transmissions. One of them is by continuously doing research and observations to understand the virus more deeply. Of course, it is not an easy thing by remembering that Covid 19 is a kind of new virus that has never been in the world before. Fortunately, similar types of viruses exist as references to the research. Based on reports, many latest studies related to the Coronavirus pandemic along with the results have been published. What are they? Here are some of them that consider giving good impacts for the pandemic.

The Relationship between the Influenza Vaccine and Covid 19

According to Reuters, a team of researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology in Berlin states that in Italy, there is a higher level of the influenza vaccination, yet a lower dead level of the Covid 19. Besides, in the US, there is research conducted with 11,700 people as the participants. It shows that those people who have been vaccinated tend to have a smaller possibility to be infected by the Covid 19 virus. However, none of the studies directly prove that the influenza vaccination gives direct effects on the virus. There may be other factors to explain the relationship.

Influenza Vaccine and Covid 19
Influenza Vaccine and Covid 19

Arthritis Medication for the Covid 19 Recovery

A number of Covid 19 patients that have been treated with the Remdesivir antivirus along with the arthritis medication can recover a day faster than other patients. The research and trials are funded by the Institute of Allergies and Transmitted Diseases of the US with more than 1,000 patients involved. The study also shows that compared with other patients with arthritis medication. Their recovery progress is also much better only in 15 days. But similar to the research that involves the influenza vaccine, the direct influence between the arthritis medication and the Covid 19 disease is still not seen.

The Best Time for Antibody Test

The Covid-19 antibody test, known also as the serology test, is used widely in the world. However, it seems that the results are not really accurate. Later, it is known that there is a factor that makes it less accurate, one of them is the timing. Based on the research result that has been published on the page of Oxford University Press, the antibody of the Covid 19 virus doesn’t appear in the blood some time after the patient is infected. On the other hand, the antibody can appear several days after the infection. Meanwhile, the time is still different from one person to another. Therefore, the best time for an antibody test is several days or even 2 weeks after the infection.

Antibody Test
Antibody Test

The Proteins of Covid 19 Lead to Immunity

In a study, the researchers found 23 proteins that may be made by the Covid 19 virus. Around 4 of them lead to the patient’s immunity. Interestingly, most of the proteins have been identified based on computer prediction and similarities to other viruses. The study still needs to develop more to know to investigate the best vaccine and medication for the disease. Also read the longest research in history.

How to finish your graduation thesis on time?

graduation thesis

After finishing taking all courses, now is the time for you to do the final project called a thesis. A thesis is the last task that you have to finish and it requires deep research. Yep, after completing your theoretical obligations, now is the time to test your ability to understand various materials through a study. As a student, you are also required to conduct research as a graduation requirement.

graduation thesis
graduation thesis

Many students claimed that this moment was the most difficult moment during their status as a student. There are also many who claim to fail to carry out a bachelor’s degree because they are unable to complete the thesis. But, actually, the thesis isn’t that difficult, at least not as hard as simulation from idnplay poker game. As long as you know the tips and tricks, the thesis can be finished as soon as possible. Then how do you do it?

graduation thesis
graduation thesis
  1. Create your own deadline with a warning that makes you feel disadvantaged if you delay working on your thesis.
  2. Try to choose a research theme that you really like and understand. Don’t choose a too high standard theme that only makes your thesis run successfully.
  3. Even though it is just an assumption, choose a lecturer who has a different gender from you because it can build good chemistry rather than choosing the same gender.
  4. Do the thesis in a conducive place. Choose a place that really makes you comfortable and can be highly concentrated.
  5. Treat supervisors like a crush. Find out what he likes, so that your script process is made easier. Bring some foods when you get a consultancy with your supervisor or give him or her a gift to make him or her happy.
  6. If your lecturer writes a book, don’t forget to use the book as a reference. If it does not match the theme of your research, just bring it to your supervisor or lecturer so that he or she knows that you read it.
  7. Always come to a graduation ceremony of your graduated friends so you will be quickly motivated. Or you can even come to your friends’ wedding party so you will be more enthusiastic to finish your studies.
  8. Reduce the hangout schedule, gig, or whatever it is so that you focus on your research only. Keep in mind that you have a big duty to finish the study and get a job.
  9. Make sure you are in a student environment that wants to graduate immediately. Stay away from friends who are lazy to do the task or research because it may affect you too.
  10. Don’t forget to ask your parents for prayer. Even though they are far from you, their prayers are still there. God will grant your wish through your parents’ praying anyway.
  11. Finally, you must also pray for god so that you will find the right path to finish the study. Always remember that the thesis can be finished because of your only effort, but also grace from the God Almighty.

This is the longest research in history

longest research in history

It takes 495 years, this is the longest research in history, will be completed in 2514. Speaking of research, you may think that research can be done within a few months or it may take only one or two years. It can be true, but it is not always true. The fact shows that there were so many studies that required a long time to finish. The current research is about microbiology. How can this research take so long to complete?

Well, there is no specific time limit in a study or experiment. But a microbiological experiment is likely to break the record for the longest time, which is 500 years. This project began in 2014 and will be completed in the year 2514. So, it still needs 495 years to know the final results of the study.

Research team

Surely the audience from will wonder, why this research lasts so long. According to the research team, the real reason is quite simple: find out how long microbes can survive. This research is a project of the University of Edinburg. The project placed 400 bottles of Bacillus subtilis bacteria in dry conditions to form spores.

Research methodology
Research methodology

The bottle is then tightly closed and covered with lead to protect it from carbon radiation or cosmic rays that can cause DNA damage. “Whether microbes will last long or if some will die first. This will be the longest scientific experiment ever made,” said Ralf Möller, study leader of the German Aerospace Center.

In the experiment, every two years (for the first 24 years), a set of bottles will be opened to see how the spores work. After the first 24 years, periodic checks will be reduced to once every 25 years until 2514.

In 2016, 1 set of bottles has been opened and the results have been published on PLOS ONE. Storage in a span of two years makes no difference, nor is the sample affected by X-ray exposure, ultraviolet light, hydrogen peroxide, and high temperatures.


Checking the bacteria is easy. However, the hard part is making sure someone will continue to do it according to schedule well in the future. The team left the USB stick with instructions. But this is certainly still far from adequate, considering that digital technology is quickly becoming obsolete.

Research methodology
Research methodology

Not only that, but the research team also tried to leave a copy on paper. But, of course, this has become homework because the paper may not be able to survive for 500 years. The paper will turn yellow and crumble. There is no strategy that will be completely safe 500 years later. So the team asked researchers at each time point of 25 years to copy the instructions to remain linguistically and technologically relevant.

That’s is such an incredible long research ever. Hopefully, this research can be useful for human being in the future. But, we have no idea whether this research will still go on in a few decades to go. We cannot even wait for it because we may already die in the future.

Understanding the Differences between Qualitative and Quantitative Research

Qualitative and Quantitative Research

In general, qualitative research is a method that emphasizes aspects of a deeper understanding of a problem rather than looking at a problem. Qualitative research is a study that is descriptive in nature, tends to use analysis and more reveals the process of its meaning.

Difference between Qualitative and Quantitative Research

The difference between qualitative and quantitative research can be seen in several aspects. You need to know that the two research methods or approaches are not always in conflict with each other. There are also some things that have similarities or similarities.

1. Research Design

  • Qualitative is general, flexible, and dynamic. Qualitative research can develop during the research process.
  • Quantitative has special, detailed, and static properties. The flow of quantitative research itself has been planned from the beginning and cannot be changed anymore.

2. Data Analysis

Qualitative and Quantitative Research
Qualitative and Quantitative Research
  • Qualitative can be analyzed throughout the research process.
  • Quantitative can be analyzed at the final stage before the report.

3. Research Subject Terms

  • Qualitative has research subject commonly referred to as a resource.
  • Quantitative research subjects are commonly referred to as respondents.

4. Ways to Look at Facts

  • Qualitative: Qualitative research views “Facts / Truth” depending on the way the researcher interprets the data. This is because there are complex things that cannot be merely explained by numbers, such as human feelings, bola 88 etc. Quantitative research departs from data which is then explained by theories that are considered relevant, to produce a theory that reinforces existing theories.
  • Quantitative: Quantitative research sees “Facts / Truth” as objects of research out there. Researchers must be neutral and impartial. Whatever is found in the field, that’s a fact. Quantitative research departs from theory to data.

5. Data Collection

  • Qualitative: Qualitative research is more focused on something that cannot be measured by black and white truth so that in qualitative research researchers dig deep into the data for certain things. Thus, the quality of qualitative research is not very much determined by the number of sources involved, but rather how deep researchers explore specific information from selected sources.
  • Quantitative: Data collection is carried out using a series of research instruments in the form of tests/questionnaires. The collected data is then converted using predefined categories/criteria. The quality of quantitative research is determined by the number of research respondents involved.
Qualitative and Quantitative Research
Qualitative and Quantitative Research

 6. Data Representation

  • Qualitative: The results of qualitative research in the form of researchers’ interpretation of a phenomenon, so that research reports will contain more descriptions.
  • Quantitative: Quantitative research results are presented in the form of mathematical calculation results. The calculation results are considered as confirmed facts. The validity of quantitative research is largely determined by the validity and reliability of the instruments used.

7. Implications of Research Results

  • Qualitative: The results of qualitative research have limited implications for certain situations. Thus, qualitative research results cannot be generalized in different settings.
  • Quantitative: The results of quantitative research in the form of facts/theories that generally apply (generalized). Whenever and wherever that fact applies.

8. Types of Methods

  • Qualitative: Phenomenology, ethnography, case studies, historical, grounded theory.
  • Quantitative: Experiments, surveys, correlations, regression, path analysis, export facto.

Tips for Dealing with Your Supervisor during Your Thesis

Dealing with Your Supervisor

As a final project, you are guided to conduct research better known as a thesis. A thesis is the most difficult task to do when we are in college. In completing the thesis, we must also consult with the supervisor so that the thesis runs smoothly. The supervisor is a consultant or advisor and we need it. However, it is not easy to deal with supervisors because as many of them are indifferent to their students. Fortunately, you can try the following tips to deal with your supervisor.

Dealing with Your Supervisor
Dealing with Your Supervisor
  1. Instill in your mind from the beginning that your supervisor is not a “monster” that you should be afraid of. They are also humans like you who eat food like you. They are also God’s creatures that live on earth with you. Therefore, don’t be afraid of your lecturer. Always dare to meet him, whether with good news or bad news about your research.
  2. Keep in mind that it’s natural for students to be scolded by their lecturers. Like our parents, they scold us because they love us and want to give the best to us. Likewise, your supervisor, they also love their students and hope that their students finish their thesis immediately. So if the lecturer scolds you, you don’t need to be upset or angry anyway, maybe it’s your fault and you have to be big-hearted if you get scolded by your thesis advisor.
  3. Keep = in mind that the supervisor is the person who provides the solution to all obstacles in your research. Remember, you pay tuition fees every semester and part of the funds is to pay your lecturers while guiding the thesis. So, you have the RIGHT to ask for advice or solutions to the problems experienced.
  4. Understand the characteristics of your supervisor, one of which is to know the busyness of your supervisor. Make a note of the days your lecturer is always on campus. Even more perfect if you have your lecturer mobile number. For other characteristics about your lecturer, you can also ask your friend who is also mentored by the same lecturer.
Dealing with Your Supervisor
Dealing with Your Supervisor
  1. Because the thesis guidance is continuous, try to always meet with your lecturer to consult about the development of your thesis at least once a week. This is done so that your lecturer does not forget that you are a mentored student or you will not be recognized by the lecturer because you have never shown up.
  2. Be polite with your supervisor. Because your politeness will give a positive impression to your lecturer. Besides, your lecturer will easily memorize you. You have to show your politeness when communicating through situs judi poker, SMS, Phone, Email, BBM, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.
  3. Do not let you break a promise if you already have an agreement to meet your lecturer at a certain place and time. If that happens, maybe your lecturer hesitates to guide you again unless you have an urgent situation.
  4. During a consultation, don’t be shy and hesitate to convey obstacles in your research. Ask for guidance from your supervisor.
  5. Before finishing your consultation, don’t forget to ask your lecturer when you can meet with him for another consultancy.
  6. your lecturer when you meet on the street or cross paths. Don’t be shy or even hide. The closer you are, the better the harmony your relationship will be.

Tips for Choosing a Research or Thesis Title

Research or Thesis Title

Choosing a good and correct title of the thesis really needs a proper analysis. So that the title/topic of your research or thesis can match the expectations. Just because you face some problems or obstacles when preparing a thesis. It does not mean that it makes you become discouraged in preparing your thesis. If you are confused to determine the title of your thesis, maybe you can consider the following tips.

1. Find the problem and specify the title

Some students in preparing their thesis first choose the title of the thesis. Which they think is good then conduct analysis/field observations. But it is actually not quite right because the thing that should be done first is to find a problem topic. A research topic that can be raised as a topic/theme/thesis title.

Research or Thesis Title
Research or Thesis Title

Determining a thesis topic that assumes a problem will make you free to develop ideas, methods, and solutions in the preparation of your thesis. It is different if you first determine the title of the thesis and then look for problems in the field. It may be that the chosen title does not have contextual facts in the field. So that, it may be that the problem discussed later in your thesis is a fabricated / manipulated.

2. Choose a title or the research topic that you can complete on time

It may be your own pride to have a great, so you choose the title which is actually very complicated and difficult to solve. Well, it can have an effect on the length of the completion time. Therefore, consider the time allocation in choosing the title of the thesis. In this case, you can choose the title that you can complete. Because you do not want to choose a difficult title by combining several variables. So that in the middle of the thesis preparation process, you choose to give up and want to change the thesis title. Therefore you are required to be wise in choosing a title for your research.

3. Relevant to your discipline

When choosing the title/topic/theme of research such as dadu online, it should be adjusted to the discipline of your knowledge. So that you can become more expert in compiling it. A thesis that is arranged in accordance with your discipline of knowledge makes you able to get ideas or solutions in the process of preparing your thesis.

Research or Thesis Title
Research or Thesis Title

4. Consider the allocation of funds that you have

In choosing a thesis title, don’t forget to consider the cost aspects because as we all know. That in compiling a thesis it usually requires a lot of money, starting from the cost of research,print, binding, and thesis examination. Therefore, the author suggests selecting a description of the title in which type of research does not require too much funding.

5. Expand down the field

The initial observation is a very important thing to do before selecting and determining the title of the thesis. Because factual observation makes you rich in information that can be used as a reference in making a good thesis title. The more often you do direct observations to the field then the ideas that you may get more information about the research.