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Best Scientific Research in 2017

Scientific Research in 2017

Every year, the scientific world is always filled with spectacular research and discoveries. An annual event was known as the “Oscars of science” that was held in America in 2017. Awarded many international studies with various awards. Check these following best scientific research that was done in 2017.

1. Molecular mechanisms of planets that produce information through light and shadow

This research was conducted by Joanne Chory from the Salk Institute for Biological Studies and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. This discovery attracted the attention of experts all over the world because of its unique discussion at

Scientific Research
Scientific Research

2. Sophisticated mechanisms that mediate the duplication of harmful chromosome separations during cell division to prevent genetic diseases such as cancer

Many studies have been done in an effort to find a solution for cancer, but this research is considered the most recent. This research was conducted by Kazutoshi Mori from Kyoto University in Japan.

3. Detailed map of the universe formed in the early cosmic microwave background (CMB) radiation approach

The research was conducted by 27 scientists on the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) team. This amazing research can tell us the process of evolution of the universe.

4. Birational algebraic geometry

This research was conducted by two mathematicians. They are Christopher Hacon from the University of Utah and James McKernan from the University of California. This research is considered to be able to break the exact world of Mathematics.

Scientific Research
Scientific Research

5. The law of general relativity which is very easily understood through video

This research was conducted by an 18-year-old student named Hillary Diane Andales from the Philippines. He won the junior competition category by making his own video.

6. Perennial electrical energy from the Ambarella fruit tree

This shocking super innovation was discovered by an 11-year-old student from Indonesia, named Naufal Raziq. He discovered that the Ambarella fruit tree could be a source of eternal electrical energy as long as the tree was still alive. His research was recognized in Germany, Turkey and Brunei Darussalam. Even Naufal was immediately offered a school at one of the universities in Germany after graduating from high school

Scientific Research
Scientific Research

7. Safe sidewalk technology with an electromagnetic pulse (EMP)

EMP is a short burst of electromagnetic radiation. Utilizing this electronic “malfunction”, any motorbikes that run on the sidewalk will immediately stop working, so the sidewalk will be safe for pedestrians. The inventor of this technology was Ayubella Anggraini Leksono, a student of Senior High School 3 Bandung and Hanif Ahmadzakir from Senior High School 23 Bandung. They received the highest award on the eve of the National Young Inventors Award held by the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI).

8. Hoax Analyzer or hoax detection application in cyberspace

This discovery was the result of innovation from the Cimol Team, which consisted of 3 students from Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB). Their team won the 2017 Imagine Cup winners in the Southeast Asia region. They also managed to set aside 9 other participants in competitions held by Microsoft.